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Roisin Murphy - Warsaw, 11.06.2005, Klub Skarpa

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Dead Diary, Sinking Feeling, Through Time, Love in The Making, Sow Into You, Ramalama (Bang Bang), The Closing of The Doors, Ripples, Night of The Dancing Flame, Ruby Blue, Leaving The City
Encore: Off on It, If We're In Love
Roisin's perfomance will stick in your memory long after the gig doors have closed. Mesmerising. Truly amazing. Simply gorgeous. Roisin stepping on a suitcase, playing the drums, singing to a mike while holding the other one in her hand just to get her voice sampled - Ruby Blue Tour is a must-see! The yesterday's show in Warsaw was a mix of all the best things Ro has to offer her fans.

Walt & Roisin & Karina
Backstage: Ro with AMFans

Karina & Roisin
Backstage: Karina & Roisin

Graham & Karina
Backstage: Graham (Moloko manager) & Karina

Setlist Poster signed by Eddie

Gallery on Clubbing waw.pl

Roisin Murphy w Warszawie
Roisin photos at GoodMusic.com.pl

Reviews / Comments / Links
cgm.pl - concert review (in Polish)
by visitor:
I missed it!!!!! But I hope they'll play again.
by cat:
as usual...
I just adore those sounds...
by roisin's drummer:
"im not the drummer who played with moloko"
by Erhandos:
I couldn' be there but pictures are realy nice.
by Zosia:
Gdansk's waiting for you, Roisin! :)
by MaLiN:
Bylo nieziemsko cudownie :) Oby jak najszybciej wrócila.
by Kylo:
I chained myself in the first row to the metal barriers and got to see Roisin giving her best. She was dancing, singing, playing the tambourine with her booty, gave hugs to random people and so on. Truly an amazing experience. Not only that, a bunch of people (me included!) staked out by the rear door after the concert. I managed to get my poster signed by both Eddie and Roisin. Eddie was abolutely the best - when the doors opened, the recording company girl was scared that a crowd has formed, and starte calling for more security. Eddie said something along the lines of "fuck that", and lounged right into the crowd and chatted a bit with us (well, not really - i said the concert was great and he said cheers mate). I'm framing the bugger (the poster, that is, not Eddie) first thing Monday, and I'm going to hang it in my living room. I'm still kind of star struck, but man, was it great.
As a side note, they really had a lot of technical difficulties. Looks like the set is still mostly improvised, but Roisin makes up for it with all kinds of funky moves and dancing. Heck ' she even does stepping in special stepping shoes. The Sequins material sounds great live, with all the brass instruments and Eddie on keyboards and the computer. Also, I'm pretty sure it was the Moloko drummer on drums (not Dave DeRose, mind you).

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