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Roisin Murphy - Sfinks - Sopot, Poland, 22.08.2007

set list

Cry baby, Checking up on me, So into you, Dear Miami, Body Language, Movie star, Ramalama, You know me better, Pandora, Primitive, Tell everybody, Scarlet Ribbons, Let me know, Overpowered
Encore: Forever more

It was hot, literally, as crowds of Roisin’s fans gathered in Sfinx, Sopot to see her live show launching the new “Overpowered" tour. Honestly, I’d never been so sweating in my life as we were waiting patiently for the gig to start. I guess it must’ve been the same for the band – they definitely enjoyed the short break when the power suddenly got cut off! (nomen omen while playing RAMALAMA bang! bang!) Fortunately, not all Polish electricians are gone to work abroad and after a short while, Sfinx again resounded with Roisin’s stunning voice. Roisin and the band vowed the crowd with a brilliant performance. She looked gorgeous with blond hair and pink beret. Of course, she changed her outfit with each song making her male fans sweat even more.. We enjoyed dancing to some new songs from the upcoming album “Overpowered” and some older ones like So Into You, Ramalama or Forever More. One could hear all the crowd gathered in Sfinx singing “..endless tears, forever joy!”
I’m sure the new album is going to be huge as the disco ball got so blindingly shiny with the very first tunes of Overpowered!
I wish I could give you the names of all the band members but.. being so over-excited I forgot to make a note of them. So.. just these we perfectly know: Roisin Murphy, Eddie Stevens (keybord) (dancing barefoot of course!!), Dave DeRose (drums), 2 cute ladies (back vocals), 2 handsome guitar players.
So, if you have a chance to see Roisin live rush to get the tickets - it’s a must see! I can’t wait to see her again, this time in Warsaw hopefully.

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